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We develop and finance animation, XR & games. Our business strategy for the upcoming years is adapted to the latest needs and trends in new media storytelling, but always with a focus on the consolidation of our own strong identity: narrative, interactive and animated.


Heart Of A Tower

Far beyond the borders of gloomy everyday stereotypes, there is a magical world Yourland, where the ravens act like the men, the building cranes walk like the robots, and a metal machine wants to rule over the world. Our little boy has to enter this world to find the truth and save Yourland – his own world

Genre: Animation film
Director: Peter Budinský
Script: Katarzyna Gondek, Peter Budinský, Barbora Budinská, Patrik Pašš ml., Phil Parker
Story editor: Kristína Májová
Producer: BFILM (SK) – Peter Badač
Co-producers: Stacka (BE), plutoon (SK), BFILM.cz (CZ), RTVS (SK)
Animation studio: The Pack (BE)
Supported by: Czech Film Fund, Slovak Film Fund, Creative Europe, Screen Brussels, Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Tax Shelter
Status: Production
Expected release: 2021

Letter From The Heart

Anna is an expecting mother, but she’s also very sick and she might not live long enough to show her baby the magical world she lives in: Yourland That’s why she decides to record a VR dairy, a sort of VR love letter for her unborn baby. You can join her on an adventure through the beautiful port of Spitfish, the breathtaking mountains and the burning desert and discover the places, the people and the values that are most important to her. 

You will be accompanied by Metal Man, a very serious and uptight robot who was built by Anna’s husband to protect her from danger… and also as a battery to recharge her VR camera. 

Together you will save a little monkey and also meet the captain. A tragic character with a dark past, but with an important message to tell.

Anna’s husband Tom, who is an engineer and the president of Yourland is creating a mechanical heart that is supposed to save his wife, but they are all afraid he won’t make it on time…

Genre: Animated VR
Director: Jef Dehouse
Script: Katarzyna Gondek
Producer:  Stacka
Co-producers: BFILM.cz (CZ), plutoon (SK)
Animation studio: The Pack (BE)
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Czech Film Fund, Screen Brussels
Status: Financing
Expected release: 2021

The Werewolf Experience

Genre: Animated VR
Director: Christopher Morrison
Script: Christopher Morrison, Jef Dehouse, Loana Matei
Producer:  Stacka
Animation studio: The Pack (BE)
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund
Status: Financing
Expected release: 2021


A robot designer with a wiped memory gets confronted by a hostile A.I.
By hacking his way through his old corrupted facility and assembling a party of distinct robots, he fights for his freedom.

Genre: Game (PC)
Concept by: Hans Van Nuffel
Producer:  Stacka
Animation studio: The Pack (BE)
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund – Gamefund
Status: Preproduction
Expected release: 2024

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